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A domain name for your brand

Choose a domain name that is simple, memorable and easy to type.

Visitors should not need to think twice about the wording or spelling of your domain name. It is also worth considering using it as an email address. Certain special characters may not be accepted by email protocols.

Choose a strategic domain name

The visitor should easily be able to understand what your main business is from it. You can explore all of the extensions in our catalogue, and find the best one for you.

Choose a domain name that optimises your organic SEO ranking

To get a high SEO ranking, use keywords associated with strategic extensions for your business.

Select a close name, or an alternative extension

Explore the full list of extensions. You will find the perfect one for your business.

Contact the holder

If they have made their contact details accessible, you can find them using Whois. You can then begin a negotiation to purchase the domain name in question.

Buy a domain on the secondary market

In some cases, the domain name you are looking for has already been put up for sale by the holder, and is available on the secondary market. If this is the case, the domain name will appear in your search results with the “secondary market” label. arök can then act as a trusted third party to manage the transaction and transfer operations.

A solution for all your projects


Protect your digital identity, and even without a webpage, you can redirect your domain name from your personal page to your preferred social media page.

Get a personal email address for your domain name. It is perfect for communicating with recruiters, for example.


Our wide range of extensions help you build and protect your online brand easily.

Communicate more efficiently and professionally with custom email addresses linked to your domain name.

Optimise security with our included options DNS Security (DNSSEC) and Protection against fraudulent transfers.